If you are looking for a spooky attraction for an upcoming fall vacation, look no further than Branson, Missouri. There are several haunted places and other spooky attractions for you to explore near Branson, Missouri. Head back to your Branson Log Cabin Rental property when you need to call it a night. But if you want to stay out and explore more haunted places in Branson, Missouri, then we recommend these attractions.

Haunted Locations Near Branson, Missouri

According to hauntedplaces.org, there are many haunted attractions in the Branson, Missouri, area. Explore these locations if you dare:

Castle of Chaos

While it’s not precisely a haunted house, the Castle of Chaos is a great attraction to celebrate the Halloween season. There are more than enough things to do here, such as the Hollywood Wax museum, mini golf, maze of mirrors, and more. There is bound to be a Halloween-themed attraction waiting for you.

Get Spooked In Branson, Missouri

Hopefully, you aren’t too scared of these haunted places in Branson, Missouri. But, if you are, there are plenty of other attractions to see here. Visit the Branson Log Cabin Rentals travel blog for more ideas and see why we love Branson so much. Explore the Branson, Missouri, area yourself from the comfort of your rental property with Branson Log Cabin Rentals. Try looking over our Branson Woods Luxury Cabins for the family. Read our travel blog for reasons to take a hike, seek comfort food, or nap away the day. Check out our latest listings online; you will soon see why we love Branson.